Welcome to Nightingale Headshots. We offer professional, business and corporate headshots in the San Francisco Bay Area and the San Jose/Silicon Valley area. A professional headshot helps you brand yourself online and off.  It’s how you connect with people. Whether you want to post your headshot on your company’s website or want to post it on your social media pages. A professional headshot will put confidence into your business and make your clients. Your headshot should tie into your brand, your image, and your mission. You want to present yourself and your business as decisive, important and indispensable. No longer are headshots exclusively for actors or models. They serve a purpose for everyone.  Having a professional appearance on your social profiles is as important as having a professional looking resume.

No one should ever underestimate the importance of modern headshots. Portraits are one of the absolute best ways for you to present your image to the public. The fact that so many people are using modern headshots to promote themselves these days means that having a professional take your portrait is going to help you promote yourself in the most professional way possible.

Taking selfies may seem like a fast and easy way to get an acceptable profile picture for your personal online profile, but when it comes to your career you should alter your approach and consider professional headshots.  Appearing professional in everyday life is important, but maintaining the same level of professionalism online is equally important. A professional headshot will ensure that you leave a lasting impression on the audience. Headshots may be required for a variety of reasons such as a published article, a job interview, creating a network, blogs and social media. 

If you need great staff headshots or the best corporate headshots in the SanFrancisco Bay Area, San Jose, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley or the great Bay Area, you've come to the right place. We provide great professional headshots: Lawyer headshots, attorney headshots, entrepreneur headshots, realtor headshots, finance headshots, dating headshots and executive headshots for any industry. 

Ditch the selfie from 2006 and contact us today!

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